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tourneyohand's Journal

Tourney of the Hand
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about the community

This is the sub-community of westerosorting where The Tourney of the Hand is held. Like all of the other westerosorting subcommunities, it was founded by cyshobbitlass, deeplyunhip, and honest_illusion.

The Tourney of the Hand is held periodically, and is only open during certain weekends. Members of westerosorting, please do not attempt to join this community until you are notified that the tourney has begun.

There are a great variety of contests to participate in during a Tourney of the Hand, but only a limited amount of time to participate, so do your best to use your time wisely!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit the http://westerosorting.livejournal.com/205744.html and the Concerns & Suggestions post.

Your moderators are misstopia (Lord Commander), missyquill (Lannister), rebel (Lannister), jesatria (Martell), alenky_cveto4ek (Stark), muku_muku (Stark), mauvais_pli (Targaryen), ikel89 (Targaryen), kibethsbark (Tully), moryssa (Tully), moderntrickster (Tully), hamsterwoman (Tyrell) and sephystabbity (Tyrell).

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